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I Couldn’t Get My Arm Away From My Body….   There Was No Doing My Hair or Fastening My Bra…

Putting On Deodorant Required Holding the Towel Rod and Moving Out From it…


 I Tired of Sleeping in The Recliner!

If shoulder pain is keeping you from sleeping in bed or putting on your clothes or lifting your child then reading this could be the most important thing you do this year.  It may provide information that reveals why your pain persist and how you can get your life back!.....

A life that allows you to put your clothes on normally and without help or pain….

A life that lets you enjoy your children’s school shows without fear someone will bump you or grimacing in fear when someone pats you on the shoulder.

Basically a life without the curse of shoulder pain!

Finally the areas leading shoulder pain specialist has release a new free report on “ ___  Ways to Keep Shoulder Pain from Twisting Your Life”.

This report exposes how pain medication and muscle relaxers may be cheaper (for the insurance company) and easier for your doctor to prescribe but may not be right for you in the long run… have you seen the crippling side effects these days? 

This 100% free report reveals the leading cause of shoulder pain that 95% of doctors have overlooked.  It even shows how you can quickly and easily get to the bottom of your shoulder pain for FREE  without needing a referral from a doctor!....

MORE:  This reports exposes what most doctors fail to recommend to people aged 40+ when treating shoulder pain, and reveals for the first time to residents of Central Illinois simple and yet overlooked routines that help make shoulder pain go away fast… as well as improve your posture, all at that same time- I’d say they are perfect if you are 40+ and can’t move your arm to reach your seatbelt .


Here is what you will learn inside This NEW REPORT:

5 strategies for coping that every shoulder pain sufferer must never forget.

Why 50-53% of people make their own pain WORSE by doing this one thing wrong.

How you can find out what is causing you shoulder pain, in under 30 minutes, with no cost incurred. 

And even what to do right now… if you are suffering nagging shoulder issues.


Includes at least 3 ways to ease shoulder pain that most people were shocked ( and disappointed that nobody else had told them about , until now. Request your 100% FREE copy to be sent to your by calling (217)345-1245… you can leave a message, 24hrs.



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 Locally owned, nationally known for physical therapy excellence

Fyzical of Central Illinois, provider of physical therapy in the Mattoon, Charleston and Sullivan areas, has a distinguished reputation for it outstanding precise diagnostic procedure.

We know that no two patient injuries are the same, and we take the time to put science and our experience to work to determine the exact source of your pain. In turn, this makes us more effective in devising customized physical therapy to help you return to active living as quickly as possible.

At our physical therapy clinics in Mattoon and Sullivan, we also offer:

Rapid response – Our average length of treatment is nine visits before you are back to living without pain.

Continuity of care – You will see the same physical therapist at each visit.

Experience and expertise – Company owner Richard Kruckeberg is considered the region’s leading authority on orthopedics and injury rehabilitation. He has been practicing his profession since 1978.


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