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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

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Neck And Shoulder Pain

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Knee Pain


My exerience with PT here has been great! I've definitely made progress. Before PT, my left knee was unstable during most of my normal activities. Today it has really improved! I can walk with out my knee feeling unsteady and ever can hop farther than I could to start. I'm thankful for such a great experience and for seeing improvement...... LaJenna Bievenue 5/3/17

You can be fine one day and as nature goes, be in need of "repair" the next-whether it be from sports, a fall, injury, an accident or just plain 'old AGE. Fortunately, a newspaper article introduced me to Mr. Richard Kruckeberg, PT, OCS, CHT at Central Illinois Physical Therapy. Through the years of my episodes, the MRI's,X-Rays, Scans, Labs, etc., have shown severe, permanent cervical and upper and lower spinal degenerations and damages. NO, the degenerations will never be gone but with Mr Kruckeberg's treatment I can function and basically care for myself. My injuries, falls, Chemo infusions have played heavily on my compound, complex medical conditions. Due to Mr. K's expanded hard work, knowledge, and expertise the disabling pain swellings, inflammations, physical restrictions are relieved and degenerative sites stabalized. Not only does he explain what is happening but taught me home programs! So what more can be said? Thank you Mr. K Thank you. Oh! with increased ROM, flexability, oxygen and reduced symptoms, the increased activities have taken off 40 pounds. Yahoo! What an added benefit!..........Barbara 4/26/17

I was really stiff and in a great deal of pain from back surgery-unable to sleep in a bed from pain-could not walk with out a cane or walker, and did very little around the house. Started PT the end of January, three months after surgery and now in the middle of April I am able to sleep, walk and resume work. Richard has been great with exercises , ultra sound and e-stim treatments. I am almost back to normal. would recommend Richard to anyone needing help. Thank you!!.......Connie Dobbs 4/13/17

After multiple knee surgeries (8) my knees were fairly compromised. Thru PT we have gained a fairly reasonable level of function and I am very satified with the care and guidance I received at Fyzical. The knowledge and care are very much appreciated. Makes Fyzical an easy place to recommend.....Rick Dunscomb 4/7/17

The experience was great as I had a total right knee replacement. So doing the little things were difficult after 10 weeks I could squat, go upstairs, step over step and stand for extended periods of time. My range of motion 10 weeks after surgery was 120 degrees. The experience with Dick and his knowledge was great. I would recommend Fyzical of Central Illinois to anyone and I will.........Robert Barlow 3/23/17

I was having neck and shoulder pain that was causing steady pain and sleepless nights. After a few sessions, causes of the pain were identified and addressed. Now it seems to be heading in the right directions to resolving the problem.......Kelly Norton 3/22/17

I liked the one on one therapy I received here and the knowledge I received on how to keep therapy going at home to help my knee. Most activities I did were geared around how to do things with my bad knees, now I can do things the way I did years ago.........William Hampton 3/21/17

I was almost unable to use my wrist and elbow after a fall. In six visits (with exercise at home) I was pain-free and my grip had improved.  My comment was, "It's amazing!".........Mary Hutchings 3/7/17

Before I cam to Fyzical Therapy I was having trouble with all my daily activities. Today Feb 1, I am back to work. I now can ride a bike, get out of a chair and run............ Jim Apke 2/1/17

My upper back was causing tons of continuous discomfort in even the most static activities - like sitting while working. We found that I had some ergonomic issues with my seating, corrected that arrangement, and worked through 3 or 4 weeks of PT. My discomfort is greatly reduced and working towards that zone being totally pain free in the coming weeks.......Clark Owsley 11/29/16

Before coming to see Dick, I had foot & leg pain due to a stroke. I had problems walking for shor distance.  After just a few visits my walking became better & my family noticed a difference.  I also had an issue with my shoulder/arm and Dick made my arm much better with stretching where I no longer have to use any ointment at night in order to sleep at night.  So thankful that my husband recommended to see Dick. You are awesome Dick!!.............. Cindy Kerns 12/29/16

I got into a car accident and tore the tissue and muscle in my knee, which had to be surgically repaired.  When I started PT, I was walking with a can and could barely bend my knee.  I was worried my mobility would be permanently altered.  However, in just 6 weeks of PT, I am back to walking without a cane and even running.  Because of PT, I can see a future with normal mobility.  Thank you! ..........Emilie Beagle 11/12/16

I had pain in my tailbone, especially when sitting for an extended period of time.  It was also hard for me to lift heavy items, such as my backpack.  Now I can sit anywhere for as long as I want without pain and can lift my backpack without pain...........Heather J. Gebke 11/12/16

When I first came to PT I wasn't able tomove my right hip joint very far.  After 4 weeks I was able to actually sit on a flat surface and bring both of my legs up to almost 3/4 of the way to my chin.  My left knee was always catching and popping.  Now it only pops once in awhile.  I wanted to be able to ride my bike again I am now able to ride for a long distance,up and down hills included.  No pain now where as before it was very painful.  I no longer have to push myself up with my arms from a sitting position.  I use my muscles.  Dick was very encouraging with the excersises he had me doing. I could feel a difference in a few short weeks..........Lora Davis 11/1/16

After surgary on my right thumb, my pain was high and my mobility was low.  I couldn't even brush my teeth using my right thumb.  As I continued to work with Dick through my physical therapy, my pain level devreased and my mobility increased.  I still have aways to go to be 100%, but wow what a differance the pt has been.  I'm ready to continue my recoveryt on my own, sue to the confidence and teaching that Dick has shown me.  Brushing my teeth is a snap now.  Thanks for all you've done for me............Bobby B. (Robert Black Jr.) 10/31/16

Before coming to P.T. I was in sever pain walking or standing for long periods of time and sleep.  Not only did Dick help with the issues but gave me /exercises and other suggestions of what to do and not /to do that over just a couple of months made my life normal again.  I have come to P.T. with Deick several times over the last 10 years with various issues and have always had success.  Not only does Dick treat the problem but analyzes why it happened and what works best to treat the issue and prevent it.  I would highly recommend FYZICAL for anyone in pain that affects their everyday life..........................Janet McFarland 10/20/16

Before I started alot of my everyday activities sometimes felt unstable, but after severl weeks with Richard I felt strong and more stable in those activities.................Grant Cooper 11/02/16

When I first came here to see Richard my right hip was extremely bad with very little range of motion.  My surgeon sent me here with my can to show me how to use it correctly.  After surgery I returned to Richard using a walker, and with his help I went back to my cane pretty quickly!  Now I'm not needing any assistance, and doing incredibly well!  I highly recommend Richard for physical therapy help! He is great to get you back on your feet..................Denise Durham 10/13/2016

When I cam to PT my neck & the back of my head were stiff and it was painful just to move my head or do normal activities.  The 1st day I came to PT it helped - right away!  I left with some exercises to do at home but again, I already felt better.  I continued to visit and the pain improved every time/visit.  It was pretty amazinghow they could tell exactly where it hurt! I'm at my last visit and it's hard to remember how much it hurt because its gone!.............Jody Horn 9/7/16

Before I started therapy I struggled with hip pain and fatigue.  I was unable to stand or sit for long periods with out pain, I felt rundown a lot, it was painful to squat or put on my socks and shoes.  After starting therapy and doing hip and abdomin exercises I have much more energy.  I am able to work on my feet without pain.  I am able to walk several miles, sit, stand, squat and bend without pain........Sarah Edwards 8/30/16

When I first came, I could barely walk.  My back hurt, along with my hip.  I was afraid I might be looking at surgery - which I did NOT want. Today I am walking, standing, doing anything I want.  Feel better than I have in at least a year.  I know I have to keep up the exercises or I will get back to being helpless.............Lynette Tate 8/9/16

Six weeks ago my right arm hurt all the time in the shoulder area.  I could not sleep on right side, put dishes away, open a jar manually or do any movement without a severe ache.  I started to do the exercises Dick told me 3 to 4 times daily and I felt better immediately.  Wow what a difference.  I will continue the exercises...........Sandy Stone 8/9/16

When I arrived, I had severe back pain and foot pain.  Pain also extended down my right leg.  As of today all of my pains have drastically improved.  Swelling is down in my foot, some discomfort is still in my toes.  My back feels much better as is the pain in my right leg.  I feel that with the continuation of the prescribed exercises I will continue to improve............Charles L Phillips Sr.

When I first came I could barely walk w/out worrying wether my leg or knee would giv out. Now I can do 90%- 95% of what I was able to do before surgery. I feel confident I can make it 100% in time................Tom Isaacs 8/6/16

I was in pain, being an athlete I coudn't be! The feeling that I have now is no pain and mostly relief, pushing me to where I almost am reachingthe goals I have in all three of my sports.  But with my experience at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers I have regained my hip movement to its fullest.  So overall my PT Story is a happy one putting me in a more athletic state than before ..........Bernie Jackson 7/6/16

I was in alot of pain when I first came.  I had diffuclty bending my legs & walking after sitting awhile - Very stiff and alot of weakness.  Thanks toDr. Kruckeberg I have come a long ways.  My legs are stronger and the pain has devreased quite abit.  I'm not there completely but with the exercises I'm to do I will recover completely! Thanks to Dr. Dick! ................. Terri Scott 5/16/16 

When the sciatic nerve on my right side began to be very painful, I was almost immobile.  I called both my primary care physician and FYZICAL (Central Illinois Therapy).  The two offices communicated extremely well and I was able to get an appointment that day.  After evaluation I received immediate treatment and left the first appointment with considerable relief.  therapist Richard Kruckeberg provided compassionate and competent care and was able to find time for me even though his schedule was very full. In less than two weeks, I felt like a new person.  My pain was gone and I was able to be back on my regular routines.  I so appreciated the quick reponse to my problem and the relirf that followed.  I always recommend FYZICAL to others who need pain relief or help with mobility................Gayle Strader 5/17/16

I had total shoulder replacement in 2-16, I was referred to Fyzical Therapy per Dr. Lee. Couldn't even get my arm away from my body.  Mr. Kruckeberg started very gently helping me with exercises - at first very hard - as time went by with his help and the exercises I feel, about 95% - I can now raise my arm do my chores at home and feel so much better.  I owe it all to Mr. Kruckeberg, he is so kind, gentle, but really knows how to help you.  I will recomend  Fysical therapy and Mr. Kruckeberg as many times I can.  I can't thank him enough.........Marlene Estes 5/13/16

When I first cam to Fyzical Therapy I was very weak couldn't walk only with a walker and I was only seeing the floor or ground because my back was so weak from back surgeries, I I could barely hold my head up. Dick started with different exercises and therapy and tody I'm walking upright and with a cane and now going to try therapy on my own at home. I'm so please and happy with my results that I'd recommend Fyzical Therapy to everyone.  Thanks again Dick and Brenda ...................Judy Goad 3/14/16

My doctor referred me to Fyzical because of chronic lower back pain from previous back surgeries.  I had been having trouble sleeping and my lower back pain was getting so bad that I had stopped exercising, stretching, etc.  I did aquatic therapy for 2 weeks and home stretched.  It made all the difference in the world, just doing simple 5 minute stretches @ home or work makes my back feel a ton better.  I know I’ll never be pain free but the aquatic therapy was so relaxing and the best physical therapy I’ve ever done (and I’ve done A LOT!)  ……….Abby Hodge 2/8/16


I came here due to severe pain in my right hip and lower leg.  I was having a terrible time getting up and down from standing, to sitting and then back up again.

The work here is very helpful.  “NO PAIN” now.

While doing the work Richard discovered a major balance problem.  I was at risk for a fall.  After therapy I am more confident with my balance.  Thanks FYZICAL and Richard   …….. June Baker 1/29/16


My treatment was focused on hip and upper thigh pain as a result of bursitis.  I received excellent instruction on how to do the exercises which help strengthen my muscles.  My posture has improved, and I believe I have a good understanding of how I can help manage my pain  ……..Laura S Elder 2/13/16


The first day I walked into CIPT, I could not take a step without pain, I couldn’t sleep or stand without pain.  I was a little skeptical on how effective the treatment would be.  I really have to say, after the awesome care that I received from Dick, I feel like a new person.  I’m truly grateful for the treatment and care I’ve received.  I recommend this facility to any and every one who’ll listen  …….. Marlon Williams


For several months I had extreme foot pain due to plantar fasciitis.  Pain level daily was 8 to 10.  When I tried to walk with my dogs I had to “toe walk” which caused toe cramping, etc.  After 8 sessions of PT with Richard Kruckeberg I can walk properly without heel pain and feel that my condition has improved so dramatically that with continued exercises he recommended it will soon be gone completely. Down to a level 1 at this point  ……..Deborah Burch   12/21/15


I had knee replacement surgery and chose CIPT based upon recommendation from a few friends.  When I started I was with a cane to walk.  Within 4 weeks the pain and stiffness was virtually gone and I could function completely in my job and life.  Dick is very pleasant to work with and it was obvious he cared a great deal about me.  In other places you work with a different person each time.  I much prefer the personal approach  ………..Gary Emel 12/15/15

My experience at Central Illinois Physical therapy was outstanding. I came in my first day nervous, scared, and not able to walk on my left leg.  Three short weeks later, I was walking like nothing ever happened to me I can’t say enough great things about my experience and how well it turned out in the end.  So thankful I was treated by people who really care about my health and well-being.  Thank you for everything   ……………..Ashley Bobak    11/18/15

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